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Lesley Pace-Gormley

Yoga Instructor | Mindfulness Coach | Wellness Facilitator

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About Me

Wake Up. Yoga Down.

Hi! I’m Lesley Pace. 

I am passionate about being a beacon of knowledge, connector of people,  and a servant to my community. 

I love teaching yoga to heavy hip-hop beats and speaking on stages. 

In my free time you can find me bopping around the world for leisure, gracing the pages of Yoga Journal, brunching, and reading Bell Hooks to children.


"Lesley makes me feel safe while I practice. It’s already hard to be a Black woman in my body but there’s something about her cadence, confidence, and grace that makes me feel secure to close my eyes and move. She’s one of the first teachers to give me that freedom.

Her meditations are so ethereal and empowering. There’s something, again, about the ways she wraps you in her words. 10/10 sis is the truth."

JaLisa Williams, LCSW

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"Joy, self-care, and love of self are our deepest forms of revolution and resistance."

Lesley Pace

Let’s Link!

Get in touch to learn more about classes, workshops, coaching services, and making yoga and meditation part of your lifestyle.

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